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Before an “Intervention” is Needed, We Should Act

Before harming oneself, mental instability or hopelessness compromises a person’s judgment. Before a person so compromised seeks to harm someone else, he links that someone else, rightly or wrongly, with the fact, or reason, that his mind or hope is gone. Such a person is “off”, both in his outlook and demeanor…and ripe for an “intervention”.

Black Americans increasingly have the outlook and demeanor of someone who is “off” (note the person seated second from the right):


A Case of Misplaced Sympathy?

Perhaps you’ve seen this video of Tony Farmer, a rising senior at Garfield Heights High School in Ohio and a top college basketball prospect, reacting to hearing a judge sentence him after he pleaded guilty to several crimes, including 3 felonies:

YouTube Preview Image

There it is! Another young black man going to prison instead of college! Another hateful white judge, ignoring the pleas of teachers, coaches, family members, and even the crime victim not to send Tony Farmer to prison! This is what’s wrong with America – killing opportunity for young black people even before they can realize their potential! This situation requires immediate action. People need to organize. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson need to travel to Ohio and speak to this situation. Recall Judge Pamela Barker! . . .

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