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Need to Drain the “Christian” Swamp. Election Time’s as Good As Any

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Published on: October 22, 2016

It is possible that the “No Christian should vote” movement, regarding either major party candidate in 2016 is primarily a social media phenomenon However, I have reviewed enough articles and had enough personal conversations to doubt that.

It is almost certain that anyone with even a remote church affiliation has heard the “ain’t neither of ’em godly” refrain, or the “I was supporting Cruz, but now that y’all rejected him…” mantra, or the “We don’t need to worry; God is in control” chant to justify not voting for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump next month.

Before an “Intervention” is Needed, We Should Act

Before harming oneself, mental instability or hopelessness compromises a person’s judgment. Before a person so compromised seeks to harm someone else, he links that someone else, rightly or wrongly, with the fact, or reason, that his mind or hope is gone. Such a person is “off”, both in his outlook and demeanor…and ripe for an “intervention”.

Black Americans increasingly have the outlook and demeanor of someone who is “off” (note the person seated second from the right):


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