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Need to Drain the “Christian” Swamp. Election Time’s as Good As Any

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Published on: October 22, 2016

It is possible that the “No Christian should vote” movement, regarding either major party candidate in 2016 is primarily a social media phenomenon However, I have reviewed enough articles and had enough personal conversations to doubt that.

It is almost certain that anyone with even a remote church affiliation has heard the “ain’t neither of ’em godly” refrain, or the “I was supporting Cruz, but now that y’all rejected him…” mantra, or the “We don’t need to worry; God is in control” chant to justify not voting for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump next month.

Frankly, this is silly and one has to wonder, since very few who so speak are likely to do anything, between now and Thanksgiving, that is more significant about improving the state of the nation than step into a voting booth: what are these “faithful” folks thinking? While they may believe they are preparing the nation for a Holy Ghost “told you so”, after November 8th, they look more like the “sorry” kid no one picked for the sandlot game, who now wants to take his ball and bat and go home.

In other words, it seems like a power play…waged by those who in fact have no power. It is time for Christians to face facts.

The church in America is impotent in the nation’s public square, has been for more than a half century, supplanted by those who believe God should be absent from public policy discourse, those seeking “acceptable” homosexuality and other perversions, those who believe American compassion requires the surrender of American sovereignty, and those who desire unfettered slaughter of the nation’s next generation when they are most vulnerable. The American church is a marginal actor in American public life.

That the church should find itself so marginalized is odd for a few reasons, including:

    • Pilgrims settled on the continent for the free practice of Christianity and, without it, the people lacked sufficient moral resolve even to form a nation,
    • The teachings of Christianity form the underpinnings of America’s Constitution and legal system, and
    • Those who claim Christianity outnumber America’s atheists, homosexual apologists, compassionate globalists, and abortionists.

Despite this, instead of reasserting the Christian perspective and leading the national narratives, the church stands on the national sidelines, wringing its hands over policies it will not uniformly nor effectively oppose, and railing against electoral choices that it doesn’t support, while rallying to no viable alternatives. So, America’s Christian church, instead of casting doctrine to all from the national stage, lobs rotten tomatoes from the nation’s peanut gallery at policies that offend its sensitivities and its God; the church has ceded its power to change anything, with little sign that it seeks to reclaim its leadership mantle.

If the church will not vote, and it is apparent that it lacks the temerity to take up arms, as it once did against an English king, as it did against slavery, as it did against segregation (though those weapons were not carnal), then what good is it? It is become the salt that has lost its savor, lacking the courage or power to protect the unborn from wanton slaughter, or its own ability to worship as it sees fit. Yet American Christians are unwilling to stand united against Hillary Clinton?

Despite her disdain for Catholics:
YouTube Preview Image

Despite her disregard for Christian beliefs regarding abortion:
YouTube Preview Image

Despite her desire to subjugate Christian doctrine and elevate the homosexual agenda:
YouTube Preview Image

There is simply no courage, and therefore no spiritual power, in the American Christian church at large.

Had the 18th century church been dominated by the toothless, yapping chihuahua spirit of the modern American church, then the national anthem might yet be, ‘God Save the Queen’. Had the 19th century church been the same hand-wringing chatterboxes we see today, then chattel slavery would have ended via some man’s reversible whim, rather than by the cleansing and compelling dictate of shed blood. Had the 20th century church not overcome the double-minded among its ranks, then ‘separate but equal’ would still prevail in the land as a legal construct; however, church weakness, during that same century, resulted in the dismissal of God from the nation’s schools, and in the American womb being the place in which the overwhelming majority of the nation’s homicides occur. Yet, from that time to this, Christians in America yet claim access, both to God’s power and to His favor. However, such a claim by today’s church lacks the credibility to which the church of earlier times might be given.

For the church would NEVER sacrifice the American nation on an altar of ineffectual dictates and sanctimony, any more than it would withhold the gospel from a whoremonger or a corrupt financier. Yet this modern collection of the “faithful”, that claims relationship with God and His Christ in THIS country, often makes water seem like strong drink.

If the church today does not comprehend why the American nation, as described by its 240-year-old founding document, should be maintained, at virtually all cost, then it doesn’t…

If it cannot understand that Clinton should not, by any means, occupy the nation’s highest elected office, then it can’t…

But if it is now so lost in its understanding, to go along with its inability to shape the national conversation – when it was that very conversation regarding Christ which led to the nation’s founding – it has lost touch with the importance of this nation in the world and of the deep ties between America and the Christian God. Its members should renounce their U.S. citizenship and remove the ‘reserved’ sign from their seats in the pews: it is a waste that they should have either.

Fortunately, there is always room at the Cross, for new member of the faithful – those bolder in their Christianity, as well as in their Americanism.

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