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Fewer Black Leaders = More Black Leadership?

Do you remember this:

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I recall the above, and white governors fighting to keep blacks out of universities, church and house bombings, the King assassination… What kept all I saw and heard from destroying the belief that I could accomplish anything? Good parents, and the influence of black church leaders.

In my youth, church officials were the most powerful and influential black political leaders, whether they held elected office or not. Blacks WENT TO CHURCH then, even more than now, including those who would not know Jesus if He slapped them upside the head. The black church dealt with families. It caused businesses to thrive or die. It directed the vote. It impacted nearly every aspect of black life.

Furquan R Stafford, Sr. on Crunk For Christ Radio, 4 September 2012

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Published on: September 12, 2012

Furquan continues to get things done and to get his message out! Tune in to the latest on his efforts in business and for his community!

If you haven’t been to the website for his business, CP Plasma Center, then now would be a good time for
a first visit…or a revisit.


Furquan R. Stafford, Sr., chairman and CEO of C.P. Plasma Center Inc.

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Published on: July 30, 2012

Please sign Furquan R. Stafford, Sr.’s petition.

As you may know, Dr. Charles Richard Drew was a 20th Century black physician who did pioneering medical research into blood transfusions. His medical research efforts made large-scale blood banks possible.

Building a business based on Dr. Drew’s work is one Furquan R. Stafford, Sr.

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