America Finally Won An Election

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The nation was told not to expect this.

From the moment Americans found a 2016 presidential candidate through whom they could speak, they were called racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, misogynistic, or all of the above

Oh, you thought those were representations of Donald Trump? You poor soul.

Virtually every event, good or bad, of Trump’s adult life appeared in one or more sections of the New York Times; in that more than four decades, the Times and other media outlets put no nasty labels on Trump. It wasn’t until this, his second presidential run – after multiple fits and starts, that the press determined to supplement his name with colorful adjectives, and it did not take long…

When the press and his opponents believed Trump unserious, he was merely an entertainer out of his depth. When he got off to an underwhelming start in the primaries, he was a joke, a flash in the pan. But when it became apparent that his popularity was durable, that it was not based on political party or ideology, and that the press did not control him, that’s when the nasty names came out.

Trump did not carry the press’ and political elites’ well-massaged messages – biased special interest concerns, backed by deceptive opinion polling – to Americans; he brought an uncompromising and politically incorrect American message to them. He spoke to the despised press and the detested political elites the way many Americans speak of them in their homes or with friends. Consequently, their response to Trump’s open abuse of them – the condescension, the name-calling – was not directed at Trump; it came through Trump…aimed at the American people.

They were dissin’ Trump, but they were gunnin’ for you.

The press’ and the political establishment’s prolonged thermonuclear attack on Donald Trump was enough to make Hiroshima look like a bottle-rocket, yet it was not enough to separate the American people – you – from supporting someone who spoke, not as a Democrat or a Republican, not as a liberal or a conservative, and neither as a special interest group advocate, but as an American man giving voice to what Americans have consistently throughout the Obama years, and even longer: “the country is on the wrong track – and you guys in the press and in D.C. won’t tell the truth about why and, more importantly, won’t do a thing about what we know is wrong.”

Americans knew sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants were wrong-headed since Los Angeles implemented Special Order 40 in 1979, forbidding its police department from seeking to determine anyone’s immigration status, or arresting or booking anyone for violations of U.S. immigration law. Despite that knowledge, the number of U.S. sanctuary cities grew to more than 300, illegal immigrants became more and disproportionately criminal, press reporting sympathized with the “plight” of alien criminals than with their citizen victims, and the American government refused to act on behalf of the American people.

Americans knew the “giant sucking sound” of which Ross Perot spoke, during the 1992 presidential campaign, became a painful reality after Bill Clinton signed NAFTA into law the following year. They knew of the manufacturing jobs that had left the country. And they knew the Trans Pacific Partnership would make matters worse. Despite this, the mainstream press said little about the deal, and Barack Obama praised the agreement, despite strong trade union opposition.

Americans knew race relations were not how the black and brown race-baiters portrayed them; after all, a racist country could not elect, and then RE-ELECT, elect Barack Obama. In fact, Obama received most of his votes – both times – from whites. Despite that, America learned that Obama and his wife harbor racial animosity. They learned that only #BlackLivesMatter, and that to say otherwise, was a societal and political sin. In spite of this emotional bullying, Americans also recognized that black self-genocide – in U.S. streets and at abortion “clinics” – occurs at rates that make the efforts Ku Klux Klan and the Nazis – COMBINED – almost forgettable.

Americans know the U.S. financial and economic outlook is horrific. They know the national debt has doubled since Obama took office, but some in the press deceitfully say Obama has cut the national debt. Americans know that more than 100 million working-age Americans do not have jobs, but some in the press parrot the administration’s deceptive messages on unemployment without scrutinizing the numbers. They know that the economy has not grown even 3% per year in the last decade, an unprecedented occurrence in American history, yet members of the press repeated Obama’s claims of a strong economy and record growth. Americans know the record stock market levels do not indicate economic strength. Nevertheless, media members were all too pleased to tout market price levels to the millions receiving no benefit from rising financial markets.

Americans know that Obamacare is a trainwreck within a grease fire. They know Obama lied about the ability to keeping your current doctor and health insurance plan, about family health insurance cost savings. They know claims that Obamacare helps the economy are false. Yet, the press continues to tout the benefits for the few, at the expense of the many.

Political elites and the press spent the 2016 campaign, and the entire Obama administration, telling Americans that opposing the progressive agenda of Obama and the left was “deplorable” behavior, then offering a left-handed apology for a right-handed pimp slap. They told Americans that any unwillingness to accept (illegal) immigrants is hateful; that reluctance to embrace North African refugees is Islamophobia, even though Muslim terrorists travel with them, wreaking havoc throughout Western Europe; that rejecting black hypocrisy was racist, and wanting a sealed southern border was xenophobic; that a doubled national debt and record joblessness was not a problem…

In response, Americans lied to pollsters, voted with their feet at political rallies – despite being attacked for their candidate preference – and gave themselves a decisive Electoral College victory for Donald Trump to claim on their behalf.

Trump’s election astounded House Speaker Paul Ryan:
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And Paul Ryan was wrong. Donald Trump did not hear a voice in the country that no one else heard; after all, more than 60 million people voted for Trump. He chose to hear and voice the American people’s concerns, rather than share D.C. Republican values:
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…the same values which betrayed the will of the electorate in both 2010 and 2014.

Finally, Americans were told their choice for president could never be, by:
• The press,
Former and Current Elected Republicans,
• The outgoing president

Obama even mocked the idea that the poeple’s choice would occupy the office they desired for him:
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Nevertheless, after getting lying lips in 1988, an impeached president in 1996, Supreme Court confusion in 2000, and the no contests of 2008 & 2012, the America nation won a general election, and did so in the person of Donald J. Trump…

Mr. Obama might want to pick up that smartphone.

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