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Ferguson, MO: Cue the Doobie Brothers for Too Many Blacks

There are two primary lies about events in Ferguson, MO, since August 9, 2014:

    1. That Michael Brown’s death was an injustice, part of the increase in police brutality in the U.S., and

    2. That the protests which have followed have anything to do with a search for justice.

To gain clarity regarding the first primary lie, it is useful to summarize events related to Brown’s death.

Sometime before 11:51AM on August 9th, surveillance cameras captured the following footage of a strong-arm robbery at a Ferguson, MO, convenience store:

The Crumbling Michael Brown Movement in Ferguson, MO

On August 9, 2014, just after noon, Michael Brown and Dorian Johnson were walking in the middle of Canfield Drive in Ferguson, Missouri, when they encountered Darren Wilson, a Ferguson police officer. Minutes later, Brown, who was not armed, was fatally shot by Wilson.

Michael Brown was a black teenager; Darryl Wilson is a white cop…

And that was all the information many needed to attempt to kick the “white cops hunt black males” crusade into high gear.

Almost immediately, the effort to portray Michael Brown as a college-bound “gentle giant”, complete with endearing life images:

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