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This week’s Topics: Selma Racism Has Moved From The Bridge To The Oscars / The Obama Obstruction Has Begun / Forget I Can’t Breathe… What About I Cant Eat Cheesecake…

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  1. Sir Richard says:

    Stan, I was listening to you and Rosie. I support both of you even though I am one of those right wing tea party racist. May I pass on some constructive criticism? You talk show host need to stop reporting old news. Read what is on drudge and then do your own homework, then give us the latest, non-mainstream media news. Case in point; michael savage in 2009 came out with a story in which NOBODY, NOBODY was covering. That was the BP oil rig blow up. But it was not what obama’s little bitches reported. The truth which I learned from Savage was that N. Korea sent an unmanned sub from cuba actually sunk the oil rig. Google, “Obama Media Blackout” and keep scrolling down until story comes up. This is how to get nationally recognized. Good Luck Bro

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